Way Cool Picture from a Way Cool Stream

Bonjour, Super Gamers!

It’s been real quiet here as of late, but let it be known I am… sometimes… working on things. Should be a couple songs and a fun little story coming down the pipe. In the meantime, check out this awesome picture I had drawn for me on the Weirdle Sisters’ stream:


Here’s how I came to be the owner of such fine art:

First, I went to the stream (twitch.tv/asteroidea — check it out! Super fun.), then Troll Slayer was all, “Everyone type chicken races and we’ll randomly pick a winner!” The winner got to choose what was drawn and then got to keep the art. I didn’t win.

“Burrito is the winner!” the sisters yelled. Bretto, the winner, didn’t realize that meant them. And so, the call was not answered. And they picked at random again, and this time I was the winner! Sort of! A friend of mine won and gave the spoils to me.

I was asked what I wanted drawn, and told it had to be video game related. I blurted out: Mario tending to his flower garden. It got lost in the shuffle. I repeated: Mario tending to his flower garden. By this time, Bretto realized what was going on and declared themselves the true winner. Now, this wouldn’t be my first fight to the death, but we opted for a more civilized approach: a compromise: we’d both come up with a concept.

I think Bretto wanted a chicken. Just a chicken? I don’t remember. But to tie it all together I suggested Mario gardening and being attacked by a loose Zelda chicken. And there was much rejoicing.

So here’s the end product. I love it! Thank you Asteriodea and Troll Slayer! Once again, y’all can check out their stream here.

Oh, and one more thing. I made this short, silly “1950s Bowser professing his love to Princess Peach through karaoke” track that is perhaps fun and definitely dumb. Enjoy!

Video Game Pitches

It’s about a three hour drive from Dauphin to Winnipeg. I make the drive often enough, and on my latest trip I tried coming up with game ideas. Here’s what I got:

Bowser’s Funhouse – No mushrooms in this Modern Day Mario. The titular character changes between tall, short, skinny, and fat based on his appearance in funhouse mirrors. Each form has unique abilities.

Eat Up and Away – A little girl wants to meet an alien. She eats clouds to float higher and higher.

Blarney – Bullshit your way to the top. Dialogue puzzles, multiple endings. Bonus stage: vertical platformer in which you scale Blarney Castle to kiss the stone.

Universim – Set the parameters, then watch a universe grow.

Conservation Officer – Protect Manitoba’s lakes from zebra mussels by inspecting and cleaning watercraft. Bonus stage: monitor the emerald ash borers’ movement and stop people from transporting firewood. It’s edu-tainment!

Body Builder – From the inside out, design creatures to inhabit and withstand various environments.