The Fabled Freeballers

Strukz remains King of Winnipeg Rocket League, and it seems, in his mad bid to maintain power, he’s formed an unholy alliance!

Last night, I had the pleasure of casting (alongside CommanderSanta and purdy44) AYBOnline’s BaseLAN 31 Rocket League tournament. I’ve casted a couple previously, and, as always, it was a sweaty, delightful time.

(You can watch the tournament here:



For every BaseLAN I’ve been a part of, there’s been one man to beat when it comes to Rocket League: Strukz. Strukzy! The Strukzinator…. He’s been hands-down the best player, every time. And I’d argue he’s shown a lot of improvement, too. His aerial and dribbling game looked polished; he also showed off his season-three-acquired Grand Champion title.

And alongside him this time was another Grand Champion, hailing from Dauphin, Manitoba: Bond Brother. Now, first off: we casters had our money on Strukz to begin with; when we heard he’d brought in a ringer, well, it was hard not to declare the winners right there. Second: there’s a Dauphin Grand Champion? What? I lived in Dauphin for four years and I’m NOT the greatest Rocket League player they have to offer? This cannot be!

Bond Brother was legit, arguably playing better than Strukz (Santa and I gave MVP honours to Bond, while purdy stuck with Strukz). The two of them were able to take most of their opponents right out of the game by just keeping the ball high in the air (we spoke at length about this on the stream. Newcomers, get. comfortable. with. aerials.). Bond was also very good at positioning his car while in the air. I’d say Strukz showcased better dribbling ability, though.

Their third was Karrot, who Twitch chat gave the MVP nod to. Karrot was mostly playing goalie, letting the two Grand Champs do their thing. He came up big when he was needed. Together, they called themselves…. THE FREEBALLERS!

There was a time when I thought my friends and I could have a real shot at winning an AYB Rocket League tourney. No more. Although I still think we’d have a good shot at making the final, Strukz and Co. are a cut above, and the team just keeps getting better.

That’s good, though! It’s nice to see a heavy-hitter in the local Rocket League scene.

Anyhoo, if you’ve never been to BaseLAN, here’s a video of Heavy Metal Musical Chairs, which is, apparently, tradition:

Super Gamer Episode 59 – The Gigantoraptor was a Real Dinosaur

Well ain’t I embarrassed. Apparently I don’t know my dinosaurs. Tune into the new episode to confirm it.

Actually, tune into the new episode to hear about The Final Specimen, a new (and yet, old) game from Gigantoraptor Games, that is sure to kill you with laughter (and, like, so many other things. You will die… in this game).

Download link – Episode 59 (Gigantoraptor Games)

The Final Specimen: Arrival on Steam

Wikipedia entry on Gigantoraptors

Super Gamer Podcast #58 – Towards the Pantheon

Warriors, scholarly cats, merchant llamas, cyborgs, taxi hamsters, and ghosts are just some of what make up Towards the Pantheon, an adventure-rpg-survival horror under development by Connor O.R.T. Linning and his crack team.

The game looks great and the music is boss — in fact, we’ve got some boss music for you in the episode!

Tuuuuuune iiiiiiiiin.

Download link – Episode 58 (Connor O.R.T. Linning)

(songs featured in episode: Super Gamer theme, Towards the Pantheon – Boss, Towards the Pantheon – Sanity, Towards the Pantheon – Allowed to Dream Again)

Towards the Pantheon’s website

Connor O.R.T. Linning’s website

Dauphin Kings Ukrainian Night

Hey there!

The Dauphin Kings, an MJHL hockey team where I live, Dauphin, Manitoba, recently held its second annual Ukrainian Night, featuring: the kielbasa toss! Dennis Beyak, who does play-by-play on TSN for the Winnipeg Jets, dropped the puck before the game, and there was even a mattress race. ‘T’was a heckuva good time.

Let it be known that this is a gaming blog. Hockey’s a game. Hockey’s awesome (I am.. not awesome at hockey). So here’s some video I took of Ukrainian Night, between the Dauphin Kings and Virden Oil Capitals, on January 28th, 2017.

Super Gamer Podcast #57 – Dadaï Studios

Allo! Salut! On today’s episode we have Éloïse Laroche of Dadaï Studios talking about their game Lullaby Gardens. It’s a wholesome, peaceful game ABOUT THE CUT-THROAT WORLD OF FINDING, GROWING, AND SELLING GOODS AND PRODUCE!


Download link – Episode 57 (Dadaï Studios)

Dadaï Studios’ website

Dadaï Studios on Twitter

Super Gamer Podcast #56 – FanQuest

Well, hello.

Today we’ve got Dan Vadeboncoeur, who’s talking about a new fan convention in Winnipeg called FanQuest.

FanQuest’s kickstarter is here, and you should totally donate — I did, come on — because it’s going to be alphanumeric (if you’re not a ReBoot fan [shame on you] you don’t know what that means, but it’ll be great)!

FanQuest runs May 26-28 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Check-check-check it out!

Download link – Episode 56 (FanQuest)

FanQuest’s website

FanQuest on Twitter

RLCS Day 2 – When Second Best Isn’t Good Enough

From second place in the first tournament to first place in the second, Flipsid3 Tactics are your Rocket League season two champions!

The defending runner-ups found themselves in a familiar situation, needing to take the long route to the finals, as they did last season. Flipsid3 started the day facing off with NRG, one of two North American teams left in the competition. Game one was all NRG. Flipsid3 looked awful, missing a ton of balls. It looked as if they hadn’t shaken off whatever bug got in them when they lost to Mockit Saturday.

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RLCS 2 Day 1 – EU > NA

It was a rough day for North America at the Rocket League Championship Series finals in Amsterdam. Orbit, NRG, Genesis, and Take 3 all lost in the first round, and two of them are out completely.

With all four NA teams in the lower bracket, they were made to face each other in elimination bouts. Two were guaranteed to play tomorrow and two would be going home. NRG took on Genesis, Take 3 met with Orbit. Orbit had the best regular season record of the bunch, Take 3 the worst, but T3 came out on top, sending the Orbiters around the world, back to North America. In the other series, NRG won handily. The participation award for the tournament goes to Genesis, who didn’t win a single game.

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