RLCS 2 Day 1 – EU > NA

It was a rough day for North America at the Rocket League Championship Series finals in Amsterdam. Orbit, NRG, Genesis, and Take 3 all lost in the first round, and two of them are out completely.

With all four NA teams in the lower bracket, they were made to face each other in elimination bouts. Two were guaranteed to play tomorrow and two would be going home. NRG took on Genesis, Take 3 met with Orbit. Orbit had the best regular season record of the bunch, Take 3 the worst, but T3 came out on top, sending the Orbiters around the world, back to North America. In the other series, NRG won handily. The participation award for the tournament goes to Genesis, who didn’t win a single game.

Match of the day goes to Mockit Aces vs. Orbit in the opening round. Mockit completed the reverse sweep in dramatic fashion, tying game five with zero seconds left on the clock, and then winning it in overtime. Orbit started the series so cool and collected, and GarrettG was on fire. He even got a late go-ahead goal in the final game with a beautiful air dribble dunk. ViolentPanda scored both the tying goal and the winner for Mockit.

“I’m still shaking. It was really intense,” said ViolentPanda after the match.

It was a close series. Orbit was arguably lucky to go two up in the first place, scoring two odd ones to win game two in OT. With the exception of game three, a 2-0 shutout for Mockit, all of the games were within one and three of them went to overtime.


It was a pleasant day, as long as I avoided the dizzying mess that is Twitch chat. Whether done by a player or commentator, every little thing that goes wrong is spammed a thousand times; it’s so predictable that when I hear a mistake I look at the chat and wonder how long it will be until it’s pointed out, and how many times. What is with the Internet’s obsession with imperfection? The show is good, let it go. …However, it is a crime that no one yells MARKY DOODA DAY! when Markydooda scores.

Speaking of Markydooda, his squad didn’t quite perform up to their number one seed standards. They won their first series against Take 3 in four games, showing some good passing amidst what was mostly a ping pong match. But it was like someone cut their hair when they came up against Mockit. After winning the first game, Flipsid3 Tactics gave up four goals in under a minute in game two, opening the door for Mockit, who won the series 3-1. Don’t count Flipsid3 out though. They were sent to the lower bracket in the last RLCS, and made it to the finals.

Heading into tomorrow, there’s a potential for seven more matches. We’ve got Northern Gaming and Mockit Aces in the upper bracket finals. Beneath them, in the underworld, NRG will face Flipsid3 and Take 3 will play Precision Z. Games start at 7am CST.

Before I go, a thought: there’s a weird trend in eSports to try to make competitors look tough. Maybe it’s an effort to mimic professional sports, but my god it looks ridiculous. Please, understand, I am one of you; I am scrawny and nerdy. And if I crossed my arms and put on a mean expression, I’d look just as out of place as every single eSport player they put through this.

Nintendo and Rockstar Explode the World

News of an upcoming console/handheld hybrid from Nintendo and the teaser trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 just dropped on the same day and the hive mind of the gaming world has been blown.

Let me thank Nintendo and Rockstar for holding off on these until after my birthday; we don’t all need to compete for press.

The first Red Dead Redemption grabbed me the moment I saw it. The horse riding alone was enough for me to buy the game. I knew I’d never grow tired of it. …I was wrong. I played very little of the game, quickly getting bored with its go-here-chase-this style. I’m frankly skeptical about the sequel, but I’m also intrigued. There’s no arguing it looks gorgeous, and that shot in the trailer of the bandits riding into the distance has me all kinds of interested in the game’s multiplayer.

Considering Red Dead Redemption the first took place during the decline of the frontier era, in 1911, I’m wondering when and where we’ll be this time around.

As for the Switch: hpff.. guh. Wha? Zuh! Holy mackerel exciting! It’s a console you can take on the go — a handheld you can use on a big TV — and it’s going to sell like hardware hotcakes. After the Wii U flop it looks like Nintendo is poised to make a big impact with this one.

The most obvious complaint are the tiny nun-chuck controllers. I’m not a big fan of the regular nun-chucks, and these look ripe for thumb-slippin’. But there’s a normal controller, too, that looks great, and COME ON IT CAN SHAPESHIFT!

Let me know in the comments, does the Switch interest you? How about Red Dead? What do you think was the bigger reveal?

The Bells of Awakening Toll Again During Worldwide Dark Souls Restart

Time is loose in the realm of Lordran; it shifts and folds– worlds upon worlds. Champions of different eras, all seeking to link the fire, phase in and out of each other’s existence.

There are those for whom Lordran is but a memory. There are those for whom it is nothing at all. For time moves forward, even as it overlaps. But something is wrong, and champions of the third age are being called back to relink the fires of old. Or perhaps there is need for a new Dark Lord. It falls on us to maintain the past, though we have seen the future. Continue reading

Psyonix Giveth, and Giveth Some More!

One day Psyonix is going to come knocking at my door asking for a favour. And with all they’ve done for me, for free, how can I refuse?

For example, Rocket League‘s got a new map: the AquaDome. I played a bit last night hoping to give it a try but it never came up in rotation. With my friend telling me several times “it’s beautiful” and “so beautiful it’s actually kind of a distraction,” I made an exhibition match to check it out. It was indeed pretty.


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Team Building Through Bomb Defusal


PlayStation VR is set to launch next week and it’s getting a way cool game that will test your ability to give and take directions when under pressure.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes puts one player in a room with a bomb that’s about to kaboom. The other player(s) have the manual, but can’t see the bomb. You’re going to have to work together, quickly and effectively communicating to disarm that thing.

“Cut the red wire.”

“This red wire? It’s really more of a burgundy.”

Boom. Continue reading

Are the Announced Changes to Hearthstone Cards A Big Deal?

Blizzard has announced some upcoming card changes in Hearthstone, looking to bring better balance to Azeroth’s favourite pastime.

In a blog post released this week, Blizzard outlined the card revisions and the reasons behind them. But to really understand how the modifications will affect the game I spoke to my dear friend, Steven, who is a really exceptionally good Hearthstone player.

Steven’s credentials:

  • Highest rank in Standard – 4
  • Won a Fireside Gathering in Winnipeg (and, I’m told, was feared by the other competitors)
  • Has had 12-win arena runs with Druid, Rogue, Mage, Paladin, and Warlock


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Super Gamer Ep. 54 – Dance, Dance, and Dance Some More!

Holy mackerel we’re back! What an episode. A parody song, a world record holder (many times over), and a weird, whispery Mark.

Our guest, Carrie Swidecki, is pretty amazing. She’s a huge promoter of exergaming, and can dance you into the ground. Don’t believe me? TUUUUUUNE IN!

Download link – Episode 54 (Carrie Swidecki)

Carrie Swidecki on Twitter

Carrie Swidecki’s website