FanQuest Day 2: Barony of Wildgard

And so ends the inaugural FanQuest. Super Gamer went back to its audio roots for day two, and we’ll be releasing each interview individually. Here’s our talk with Winnipeg Amtgarders, the Barony of Wildgard:

Download link – Super Gamer @ FanQuest: Barony of Wildgard

(((A special thanks to my cousin Jaremy Ediger for all his help this weekend. An amazing guy and talented worker.)))

FanQuest BEGINS!

It’s here and we’re here! If you’re at FanQuest in Winnipeg today, come say hi at the Super Gamer Podcast booth. You’ll know it because it’s the only one without a tablecloth, with signs made on looseleaf with a felt pen.

Last night things kicked off with a 40th anniversary Star Wars social. Take a look:






Bounty hunting


My name is Jedi Master Bacca.

FanQuest Extravaganza!

Hey folks! FanQuest is this weekend and we — by which I mean I — are pumped! Super Gamer will be on site, covering all the cool goings-on at Winnipeg’s newest bestest fan convention. We’ve also got a booth on the floor so come say hi!

In fact, if you do drop by, you can take a look at a couple giveaways we’ll be having (rules will be posted at the booth)! Super Gamer is also sponsoring a couple small prizes in the gaming tournaments.



Here’s what I’m really excited about: for the first time ever, Super Gamer will be broadcasting live to the Interwebs! Tune in Saturday, May 26, at 11am and 2pm CST to see interviews straight from the convention. Guests we’ve got lined up include FanQuest creator Dan Vadeboncoeur, cosplayer J Tanooki, and LARPs!

Hype! Check in tomorrow morning for pictures from tonight’s 40th Anniversary Star Wars Social.

And if you want to check out the convention, it’s at the University of Winnipeg’s Riddell Hall and Eckhardt-Gramatte Hall tomorrow and Sunday.