Super Gamer is a podcast about video games that focuses on the stories they tell and the people who make them. Host Mark McAvoy has been a proud gamer since the age of four, when his parents bought him an Atari Junior. As a kid, Mark enjoyed games because he was noticeably better than his older brother, but as he grew Mark began to appreciate games for the artistic experience they bring to the player. Music, graphics, puzzles, and plot all come together to create interactive, emotional campaigns that resonate with millions of people.

If you think you’re a Super Gamer, then heed Deckard Cain’s advice and “stay a while, and listen.”

If you’d like to contact Super Gamer you can email Mark at supergamerpod@gmail.com or follow him on Twitter @Supergamerpod.

The things I say don’t necessarily reflect the views of my guests and vice versa.

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