Super Gamer Comic-Con Edition Part Un

We’re broadcasting from Comic Con in Winnipeg with the Manitoba Podcast Network ( This is a chat I had with super band Super FX just a few minutes ago!

Download link – Super Gamer at Comic Con 1

Super FX’s website –

Super Gamer Ep. 37 – Fun with Punguins

Boom! We speak to Laila Shabir of LearnDistrict about educational gaming and a wonderful summer camp that teaches girls how to make video games called Girls Make Games. Fantasticness ensues.

Download link – Episode 37 (Laila Shabir)

LearnDistrict’s website -

Girls Make Games’ website –

Super Gamer Ep. 36 – The Video Game King of Canada

Hey there Super Gamers! Today’s show features Syd Bolton, who owns more than 15,000 video games. FIFTEEN THOUSAND! He is also a fountain of video game knowledge. Enjoy!

Download link – Episode 36 (Syd Bolton)

The Personal Computer Museum website –

Bikini Stream Delayed to This Friday

Hey Super Gamers.

Bikini Stream (Episode 35) was supposed to be last Friday but hardware issues got in the way. The sure-to-be-hilarious-and-possibly-sweaty performance has been moved to this Friday, September 26.

You can watch it here:

Super Gamer Ep. 35 – Bikinis and CSGO

Hey everybody! This episode features my way cool CSGO clan leader, Kyente (aka Shaylyn Gimby). He streams on Twitch regularly and on September 19 he’s kicking it up a notch. Listen to find out more!

Download link – Episode 35 (Shaylyn Gimby, Bikini Stream)

Kyente’s stream –

Super Gamer Ep. 34 – Barcade Edition

Paul Kermizian from Barcade talks business (arcades and beer, that is) and Mark lists his top five video game cutscenes of all time. There’s only one word to describe this episode: funformative!

Download link – Episode 33 (Barcade, Paul Kermizian)

Barcade’s website –

Super Gamer Ep. 33 – Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade

While in Montreal in late July, I sat down with Miguel Caron and Brent Ellison from Behaviour Interactive, makers of Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade. We talk at length about how the game will play, who will play it, and how fans can provide feedback. Enjoy!

Download link – Episode 34 (Behaviour, Eternal Crusade)

The Eternal Crusade website –