Episode 29 – David Sirlin talks Yomi and more

Hey, a new episode! I’m thinkin’ of changing the episode titles to, let’s say, more accurately reflect what we will talk about (hint: I’m doing it for search engine purposes).

As the title suggests, in episode 29 I talk to David Sirlin about his card game Yomi, which is now available on the iPad. We also talk some about some of his other games, and his total badassery at Street Fighter. Enjoy!

Download link – Episode 29 (David Sirlin, Yomi)

David Sirlin’s sites – http://www.sirlin.net/http://www.sirlingames.com/

Super Gamer episode 28 – Ness’ butt shot (Bionic Fighters)

We’re back with a crazy cool guest with a crazy cool Kickstarter — and one that likely won’t end up with Facebook buying the product. It’s Jared Gingerich of Imagination Vent, and they’re making a Super Smash Bros. style game but with indie characters! Enjoy.

Download link – Episode 28

Imagination Vent’s website - http://imaginationvent.com/

Episode 27 – Steam Machines, Gender Swap, and a new friend!

Our guest is the very cool and talented Jessica Janiuk! As the title suggests, we talk about the Steam Machine (not the steam engine), Gender Swap, gender options in games, and more. Enjoy!

Download link – Episode 27

Jessica Janiuk’s website - http://jessicajaniuk.com/

Screenshots of Age of Ascent test-play: