Super Gamer Minisode: Critical Hit Charity Stream

Hey folks. Here’s a quick 10 minutes on a live 24 hour gaming stream happening RIGHT NOW! Unless of course you’re getting here late. Then it’s probably over.

It’s in support of the Extra Life charity and it’s with the great people at the Critical Hit podcast. Check it out if you like fun. You like fun, don’t you?

(Blame my crappy, almost-free video editing software for the blip in the music.)

The stream:

Super Gamer Ep. 37 – Fun with Punguins

Boom! We speak to Laila Shabir of LearnDistrict about educational gaming and a wonderful summer camp that teaches girls how to make video games called Girls Make Games. Fantasticness ensues.

Download link – Episode 37 (Laila Shabir)

LearnDistrict’s website -

Girls Make Games’ website –