Super Gamer Ep. 46 – Pegjam Double Whammy

It’s two interviews in one!

Pegjam organizer Dylan Fries talks about this year’s event and Devin Reimer of Owlchemy Labs talks VR and gamejams. Fantastic!

Download link – Episode 46 (Pegjam)

The Pegjam website –

Owlchemy Labs’ website –

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Super Gamer Ep. 45 – Donatello is the Best Ninja Turtle

Zac Burns and Jo Gian of Ludeme Funnies stop by for a chat. You may remember Zac from the Chess 2 episode. Zac speaks very honestly about his experience in releasing Chess 2 and offers advice for devs trying to make it on their own.

Download link – Episode 45 (Ludeme Funnies) Ludeme Funnies’ website –

Super Gamer Ep. 44 – The Admiral of Geekdom House

Kyle Rudge stops by (twice, actually) to discuss Geekdom House, faith (and games), and community.

Plus Mark rambles about Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm.

(You can also hear Kyle in a brief clip on the last blog post.)

Download link – Episode 44 (Kyle Rudge)

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Weekend Gaming Goodness

Hey Super Gamers! I hope everyone had as game-filled a weekend as I did.

Yeah, it’s Wednesday. This is really more of a Monday post, isn’t it? Oh well.

I went back to the old country, Winnipeg, over the weekend for two very important reasons: Retro Gamers Unite 2 and a Simpsons trivia game at a place called The Handsome Daughter.

I hadn’t even heard of RGU2 until Thursday or Friday last week. I had actually just agreed to a golf game with some friends for Saturday when I came across the event and had to say TOO BAD, FRIENDS! VIDEO GAMES!

I had planned on spending the day at RGU2 but it was not to be. I actually only got to be there for about an hour, but it was a heckuva set up. Lots of people, lots of game stations, and massive tournaments.

I spoke to one of the organizers, Kyle Rudge, who I’m hoping to soon have on the pod for a longer interview. In the meantime, here’s the short chat we had about RGU2:

By the way (assuming you listened to that interview. Which you should. Come on.), I did try that Mario Lost Levels One Life Challenge and I failed miserably! I died in the second level.

In other, albeit related, news: this old, damaged iPhone ain’t cuttin’ it anymore. I need a camera.

Massive tournament!

Massive tournament!


This is the guy the winning team sent to the lightning round. In Rod We Trust!

The Simpsons trivia tournament was, as many predicted it would be, perfectly cromulent.

The questions were tough, the players were nerds. I went into that tournament all but certain we’d win; we placed fourth.

I am an early Simpsons nut and the questions were all from seasons three to ten. How could I fail? I’ll tell you how: questions like What is the name of the gun store from which Homer buys his gun?

Fourth. Shameful.

Really though, my friends and I had a blast. The host was dressed as Otto and the prize for winning was an inanimate carbon rod.

Our team name? Worker and Parasite.

Super Gamer Ep. 43 – The Punkest Man In Haiku

Jason Anarchy, creator of Drinking Quest, returns to talk about his latest game: Haiku Warrior!

We talk haiku, we talk warrior, we even talk punk rock.

Download link – Episode 43 (Jason Anarchy)

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Super Gamer Ep. 42 – Choo Choo! Train Jammin’

Trains are great. Games are great. Put them together and you get Train Jam, which sounds great!

This episode features gamedev Adriel Wallick, organizer of Train Jam. We talk about the event, as well as Adriel’s attempt to make one game a week for 52 weeks.

Download link – Episode 42 (Adriel Wallick)

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Super Gamer Ep. 41 – Red Cobra

Red Cobra! The game title cool enough I made it the name of the episode. I mean, who doesn’t want to learn more about something called Red Cobra?

This episode features Ajari and Colleen Wilson of Adversary Games; we talk about Red Cobra, Indie Teamup, and more!

Download link – Episode 41 (Adversary Games)

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Adversary Games’ website –

Welcome to my humble abode.

Hey Super Gamers! Here are some pictures of the Minecraft server I play on with two friends, Gibbertron and JudoJord. Let me show you around…

Let's start with my base. Here's the outside of the lower half.

Let’s start with my base. Here’s the outside of the lower half.

My base began under a waterfall. Boring picture.

My base began under a waterfall. Boring picture.

My room. It's cozy.

My room. It’s cozy.

The study.  Where I come to plot and brood.

The study. Where I come to plot and brood.

My (now abandoned) mine.

My (now abandoned) mine.

Found this fella trespassin'. Had to lock him up.

Found this fella trespassin’. Had to lock him up.

The top of my base. The garden.

The top of my base. The garden.

My horse. He keeps breaking free from his leash.

My horse. He keeps breaking free from his leash.






Someone's building a new home in our old base.

Someone’s building a new home in our old base.

Gibbertron and I posed for a photo.

Gibbertron and I posed for a photo.

Gibbertron's chicken-spawner-killer-cooker.

Gibbertron’s chicken-spawner-killer-cooker.

Gibbertron's tavern

Gibbertron’s tavern

We built a portal room in the Nether. There's a cow.

We built a portal room in the Nether. There’s a cow.

A rail line connecting our Nether portals.

A rail line connecting our Nether portals.

The rail station.

The rail station.

The treehouse interior.

The treehouse interior.