Super Gamer episode 73 – Pablo Hidalgo at FanQuest

Okay, so we’re all nerds here, right?

You know how, us nerds, when we really love something we kind of feel like we know everything about it and no one else could possibly know more? We’re wrong. We should knock that off.

BUT! BUT!!! Pablo Hidalgo isn’t wrong. Pablo Hidalgo knows more about Star Wars than any of us. It’s his job — officially — as a Lucasfilm creative executive.

Mr. Hidalgo was a guest at the second-ever FanQuest, which just happened in Winnipeg a couple weeks back. I made him answer some very important questions, under threat of bowcaster. Questions like: how do you kill a Jedi?

Download link – Super Gamer episode 73 – Pablo Hidalgo/FanQuest

Pablo Hidalgo

Pablo Hidalgo receives a Distinguished Graduate Award from Red River College.

FanQuest BEGINS!

It’s here and we’re here! If you’re at FanQuest in Winnipeg today, come say hi at the Super Gamer Podcast booth. You’ll know it because it’s the only one without a tablecloth, with signs made on looseleaf with a felt pen.

Last night things kicked off with a 40th anniversary Star Wars social. Take a look:






Bounty hunting


My name is Jedi Master Bacca.