The 99s and 100s of the NHL

There’s only one 99 in hockey, but in video game hockey there are several – actually, there are a few 100s, too.

In EA Sports’ NHL series, players are given an overall rating that reflects their skill level, based on the hockey prowess of the real-life player. EA’s sports games come out for the year ahead (NHL ’94 was released in ’93, for example, ahead of the ’93/’94 hockey season), so player ratings are based on the past year’s performance. Before patches and online updates were the norm, player ratings could get out of date pretty quickly. I thought it’d be interesting to look back and see which players lived up to their scores, and which ones maybe didn’t deserve them in the first place. Continue reading

Super Gamer Ep. 39 – Sports! …Virtual!

In the immortal words of Homer: Sports! Sports! Sports! Sports! Sports! Sports! Sports! Sports!

This episode features Robert Jeffrey and Garth Coutu of Winnipeg’s RP Fantasy Sports. They’re a sports games fantasy league. They’re just starting up and looking to expand.

Plus, Mark talks about his new PS4, Civ: Beyond Earth, and games you can finish but still lose.

Download link – Episode 39 (RP Fantasy Sports)

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