Super Gamer 84 – Enkian Games

In this week’s Super Gamer, we’ve got Jordan Allen of Enkian Games on to talk about their recent release: Tales of Enki: Pilgrimage. Listen in on some of the nitty-grit of RPG making: How much damage should each weapon do? How much health should a Red Potion restore? And how much effort goes into creating NPCs?

Download link – Super Gamer 84 – Enkian Games

Episode 15 – Finally… Super Gamer HAS COME BACK to podcasting

It’s been far too long. Mark finally got his crap together and season three is upon us. We open with a fantastic interview with Andy Moore, captain of Radial Games. We talk about his game Monster Loves You!, what it takes to market a game, what games are, and more!

Download link – Episode 15