Super Gamer 76 – Laura Intravia Returns… Again!

Super Gamer’s first ever guest is back for a third time. Laura Intravia has toured with Video Games Live and Pokemon: Symphonic Evolutions, she’s featured on video game soundtracks, she’s now composed for a video game, and she’s got an opera performance at the Boston Center for the Arts coming up at the end of the month.

We talk music, we talk Smash, we talk cookies, we talk Bloodborne!

Be sure to stick around after the interview to hear a track from Arkhangel: The House of the Seven Stars, composed by Chad Seiter & Laura Intravia.

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Super Gamer Ep. 42 – Choo Choo! Train Jammin’

Trains are great. Games are great. Put them together and you get Train Jam, which sounds great!

This episode features gamedev Adriel Wallick, organizer of Train Jam. We talk about the event, as well as Adriel’s attempt to make one game a week for 52 weeks.

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Super Gamer Ep. 41 – Red Cobra

Red Cobra! The game title cool enough I made it the name of the episode. I mean, who doesn’t want to learn more about something called Red Cobra?

This episode features Ajari and Colleen Wilson of Adversary Games; we talk about Red Cobra, Indie Teamup, and more!

Download link – Episode 41 (Adversary Games)

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