Are the Announced Changes to Hearthstone Cards A Big Deal?

Blizzard has announced some upcoming card changes in Hearthstone, looking to bring better balance to Azeroth’s favourite pastime.

In a blog post released this week, Blizzard outlined the card revisions and the reasons behind them. But to really understand how the modifications will affect the game I spoke to my dear friend, Steven, who is a really exceptionally good Hearthstone player.

Steven’s credentials:

  • Highest rank in Standard – 4
  • Won a Fireside Gathering in Winnipeg (and, I’m told, was feared by the other competitors)
  • Has had 12-win arena runs with Druid, Rogue, Mage, Paladin, and Warlock


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Someone In My D3 Game Was Hacking, Now I’m A Beast

Final update to me getting 2,900 paragon levels in 10 minutes: yep, go figure. Hacking.

I guess I should’ve known that from the start but honestly I hadn’t noticed any rampant hacking until this most recent patch. Actually, until this patch I was finding it difficult to connect with other players on PS4 at all (originally played on PC, so I was late coming to this version).

But I’m told hacking is pretty common on console versions of Diablo 3. Oh well.

Read about the hack that hit my character here:

(This post has been updated a bunch of times, and was originally about me trying to figure out what the heck was going on.)

Super Gamer Ep. 44 – The Admiral of Geekdom House

Kyle Rudge stops by (twice, actually) to discuss Geekdom House, faith (and games), and community.

Plus Mark rambles about Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm.

(You can also hear Kyle in a brief clip on the last blog post.)

Download link – Episode 44 (Kyle Rudge)

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