FanQuest Day 2: Ener-Con

Conventions inside conventions. Whoa.

I mean, sort of.

Ener-Con, Winnipeg’s Transformers convention, had a booth at FanQuest. I love Transformers. The original movie, the cartoon, is wonderfu– YOU GOT THE TOUCH! YOU GOT THE POWER! YEAH! — I’m sorry. That happens sometimes.

Here’s my talk with Robert Langton of Ener-Con.

Download link – Super Gamer @ FanQuest: Ener-Con

FanQuest Day 2: Lazy Nerd 204

I love chiptunes. Who doesn’t love chiptunes? It brings me so much happiness to hear those sounds, and it makes me want to dance!

Well here’s my talk with Lazy Nerd 204, a chiptune artist and gamedev based in Winnipeg. One of his songs, Sup Day (I Spelled Sunday Wrong), is featured in the episode. I love it, I’m sure you will too!

Download link – Super Gamer @ FanQuest: Lazy Nerd 204

FanQuest Day 2: Barony of Wildgard

And so ends the inaugural FanQuest. Super Gamer went back to its audio roots for day two, and we’ll be releasing each interview individually. Here’s our talk with Winnipeg Amtgarders, the Barony of Wildgard:

Download link – Super Gamer @ FanQuest: Barony of Wildgard

(((A special thanks to my cousin Jaremy Ediger for all his help this weekend. An amazing guy and talented worker.)))