NEW Super Gamer Podcast 93 – Deku Deals with Michael Fairley

Michael Fairley, our guest this week, was looking for a website to track prices on Switch in order to take advantage of the best deals… so he made it himself. And now it covers more than just Switch! Michael’s also made a few really cool games himself, including a “hybrid chess” and an Among Us-like. And he’s got an awesome idea for a game about learning languages!

Check out to keep an eye on games pricing trends — perfect timing for the holidays!

I do a terrible job explaining Chess 2 during this interview, but here’s an article I wrote on it in 2014.

Download link – NEW Super Gamer Podcast 93 – Deku Deals with Michael Fairley

The Deku Deals logo. It's two capital D's, one blue one red.

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