NEW Super Gamer Podcast 78 – Dead Game with Elly Cockcroft

What video game death has had the biggest impact on you? Did the grief you felt stick with you, beyond the video game, in real life?

Our guest this week, Elly Cockcroft, is researching death and bereavement in video games. She advocates “death positivity,” and is particularly interested in “affective death.” Tune in to this incredibly interesting conversation that also covers nonviolent playthroughs in games, the potential for video games in end-of-life care, realism, and more. And Elly recommends games to play!

Download link – NEW Super Gamer Podcast 78 – Dead Game with Elly Cockcroft

Screenshot from Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons - the titular brothers are speaking to a troll, on a hill, with a windmill in the background

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