NEW Super Gamer Podcast 73 – Yowzer! with John Roo

Old folks like me may remember Chip’s Challenge, a tile-based puzzle game that came bundled in Windows 3.1’s Microsoft Entertainment Pack 4 (but actually first came out on the Atari Lynx). Well, what’s old is new again! This week’s guest, John Roo, is creating the first ever SNES and Sega Genesis versions of Chip’s Challenge!

Roo is a retro games enthusiast and developer who is also known for his Game Boy game Quest Arrest — speaking of which!! This episode of Super Gamer Podcast contains an EXCLUSIVE about a Quest Arrest sequel!

Download link – NEW Super Gamer Podcast 73 – Yowzer! with John Roo

Pictures of what the physical games will look like for SNES and Genesis - cover art (which is subject to change) has Chip McLellan holding a key and jumping away from giant chomping teeth

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