NEW Super Gamer Podcast 67 – Be Zombie Ready with Dr. Cameron Carlson

Are you prepared for the zombie invasion?

Okay, zombies probably aren’t something we have to worry about, but preparing for zombies is a lot like preparing for all sorts of real life emergencies! Just ask Dr. Cameron Carlson, a doctor of public health, epidemiologist, survival expert, active duty Navy officer, and spokersperson for the Zombie Research Society.

The ZRS knows its hungry dead. Dr. Carlson is often asked to share his expertise, even helping hype Dead Rising 4 for Microsoft with a list of zombie survival tips. Join us on this week’s Super Gamer, as we discuss everything from surviving the zompocalypse, to best zombie-based video games, to Zombie Awareness Month, to the U.S. Department of Defense’s actual plan for dealing with a zombie outbreak.

Download link – NEW Super Gamer Podcast 67 – Be Zombie Ready with Dr. Cameron Carlson

Dr. Cameron Carlson wielding a shovel

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