NEW Super Gamer Podcast 57 – Brunch is My Esport with Urban Bohemian

This week’s show largely focuses on the good and the bad of being a Twitch streamer – the hard work, the parasocial nature of it, the boundaries one must set, playing cool games, charitable fundraising (or “charitying…”), and all that stuff!

Our guest this week is Brian Gray, Urban Bohemian, who streams regularly Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and just this past weekend celebrated one year of streaming Animal Crossing. Brian’s also a cast member of Dungeon Crossing and Rivals of Waterdeep. He’s cozy, he’s funny, and he’s a champion of brunch! Tune in to hear about his perspective on streaming, what it means to provide a safe space for viewers, the fun of re-learning Dungeons and Dragons and playing at an advanced level, and listen to us nerd out over the movie Clue!

Download link – NEW Super Gamer Podcast 57 – Brunch is My Esport with Urban Bohemian

Profile picture of Brian Gray, Urban Bohemian - smiling!

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