NEW Super Gamer Podcast 38 – Play with Plassion with The Game Band

Our guests this week are Sam Rosenthal, Stephen Bell, and Joel Clark from The Game Band, the twisted people who brought us Blaseball!

Blaseball is like baseball… except not at all. Okay, sure, there are batters and pitchers and bases — for now. Nothing is sacred in blaseball! Everything can be changed, including the laws of physics. The players have already brought someone back from the dead (with dire consequences). Blaseball is an ever-changing, always off-the-wall, web-browser based game and it has become hugely popular, with a fanbase that is constantly creating fanart and lore. To learn more, and to play, visit And if you want to know more about how this warped sport came to be and where it’s going, tune into this week’s SUPER GAMER PODCAST!

(This week the Super Gamer Podcast is being released both as a video and as an audio podcast — choose your poison!)

Audio download link – NEW Super Gamer Podcast 38 – Play with Plassion with The Game Band

Check out The Game Band’s website by clicking here.

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