NEW Super Gamer Podcast 37 – Flipping Out with Marc Greene

Marc Greene is the director and editor of Tilt: The Sweet Science of Pinball, a new series that follows pinballer Trevor Whatman as he plays different machines, shows off tips and tricks, and interviews fellow ‘ballers in various venues.

As we discuss in this episode, pinball has always been exciting for me, but is way more intricate than I ever imagined. You can (and, generally, probably should) play for fun, but you can also get serious. Way serious.

Tune into this week’s episode to learn about the beauty of pinball, what drew Marc in and why he’s now obsessed with the game, how a machine works, how to win, and why you and your friends should start hanging out around the ol’ pinball machine.

Download link – NEW Super Gamer Podcast 37 – Flipping Out with Marc Greene

promotional image of Tilt, The Sweet Science of Pinball. A picture of a green pinball bumper worth 100 points, and the website listed at the bottom.

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