Give me the things I want!

I’m in the midst of moving so I have no Internet for the next little while. Hopefully I won’t be SILENCED for long.

It’s brutal typing a full post on a phone, but I’ve managed to find an abandoned computer, so here’s a quick one:

Overwatch and Rocket League are two of my favourite games. May the teams that work(ed) on them never want… unless wanting is what they want.

Both of these games feature “hotkey messages” or quick chat — that is, instead of typing out something in full (which you can’t even do on PS4 Overwatch), there are common phrases you can convey with the push of a (few) button(s). I *love* them. I actually love the whole concept of quick chat. It’s almost like it’s own language — see: Dark Souls (Praise the message!). Quick chat is fantastic for both fun and function.

But on the function side of things, I think there are a few common phrases that could (and should!) be added. Their addition would be most welcome, Blizzard and Psyonix.

For Overwatch, how about:

Protect me! – for the healer. Every healer can appreciate this. How many times do we have to hear “I need healing!” It’s our turn to spam.

Target the (tank, healer, damage) – At the level I play at (2500ish), focus fire seems pretty non-existent. Maybe it is there. It’s hard to tell, since I never join the voice chat (HUGE KUDOS, BLIZZARD, for making voice chat an opt-in thing instead of opt-out). This might make for more teamwork.

Sorry! – I frequently miss “group up” and accidentally say “I need healing!” which makes me look like a jerk because there’s no Oops or Sorry button.

For Rocket League (I’ve said these before):

Yes. – Noooo! is used for No, and sometimes Okay. is good for a Yes. But it’s not the same. Sometimes I just need a hard Yes. Like when someone says “My fault…” sometimes I desperately want to say Yes.

Calm down. – This would be huge. It has two functions: 1) you can give a stoic “that’s enough” to salty teammates who spam chat, and 2) sometimes when you start losing you can get a bit excited, you start gunning for plays you really shouldn’t be. The odd “calm down” from a teammate might remind you to stick to your game.

Anyhoo. For your consideration.

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