Wooden train sets: the game!

Put down that wholesome toy, Jimmy. Now there’s a better way to play!

I kid, I kid. I think this game looks amazing. What a fantastic concept! And it looks so warm. Why are trains so delightful? Way better than boats and planes.

This feels a little Rollercoaster Tycoony, but a little more focused I guess — less bells and whistles (I ain’t knockin’ bells and whistles). A press release says the game will include objective-based scenarios in which players must meet set goals; for example, building tracks that accommodate the needs of commuters, or safely and efficiently transport heavy cargo. According to the game’s Steam page, while in first-person view you get full control of your vehicle and can adjust speed and direction (“Sure as you can steer a train, you can change your fate…”). The game simulates your train’s weight and momentum.

The press release also says more information will be released on uploading and sharing your creations once they’ve done more tests.

The game, let’s called it Tracks – The Train Set Game, is made by Whoop Group and published by Excalibur Games. It’s set to release on Steam Early Access September 28th.

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