Nintendo Brings the Heat, or so Says This Fanboy

Nintendo right now:


(Courtesy of Frinkiac)

Nintendo’s E3 conference was, of course, full of tried-and-true franchises. And, of course, they look great. As I’ve ranted before, those who write off Nintendo for relying on its brand characters are ignoring the fact that those characters and the games they’re associated with are awesome.

Super Mario Odyssey has been given a release date of October 27th, and looks wonderfully innovative and weird. The Internet appears to be a bit creeped out by Mario possessing people with his magic hat; personally I’d pegged Luigi as the Eater of Souls in that duo.

Rocket League is coming to Switch. Fabulous! Everyone should get to experience this brilliant take on car-soccer. There’s going to be cross-play between Switch users and XBox and PC users, but Sony isn’t playing ball (thanks for preventing me from feasting on noobs, Sony). Also, Switch users will have access to exclusive Mario and Luigi hat toppers — lucky!

What form of Kirby is the cutest? For me, it’s the curling rock.

I hope there aren’t sound cues in Yoshi because I’m getting a real Yoshi’s Island feel in terms of super annoying noises.

A remake of Mario & Luigi Superstar SagaBowser’s Minions releasing on 3DS in October was announced on the Nintendo Treehouse stream. It features a side story in which a group of Bowser’s lackeys, led by Captain Goomba, go on a search for their missing boss. Between this and Odyssey, I’m liking how we’re getting to see things from the bad guys’ perspective. Why does a minion minion? Perhaps we will learn the answer.

Nintendo’s conference today also included: Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Fire Emblem Warriors, Metroid Prime 4, a 3DS remake of Metroid: Samus Returns, a new Pokemon game, and Breath of the Wild DLC. So, uh, if all the readers want to pitch in and buy me a Switch for my birthday……… no? Fine.

Anyhoo, it’s late and, although all the big pressers are done, there’s more E3 to watch tomorrow. Adieu.

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