Monday’s E3 Ramblings

Happy E3 everybody!

Gaming fanfare is fun! I must admit, E3 doesn’t interest me half as much as my favourite streaming event, Awesome Games Done Quick, but it’s cool when everyone’s paying attention to the same thing and sharing in the excitement.

Anyhoo, every gaming nerd’s got opinions to throw around and here are my thoughts thusfar:

  • I don’t mean to be a downer but Twitch chat, you SUCK. Still. 100,000 dudes racing to make the same ugly comments.


  • Without naming names, one of the game demos I saw today was an unfortunate reminder that when showcasing your game you need to play it well. In the particular game demo I’m thinking of, the player kept screwing up, so the scene kept reloading, and it just made the whole experience look frustrating.


  • Cuphead again? This game is probably great — it looks great — but how many different E3s will we see it at? I’m not mad about it taking too long to make — at all. I’m worried its destroying all the hype it garnered from its first couple showings. But hey, a release date: September 29th!


  • Detroit: Become Human looks awesome. Quantic Dream continues to deliver when it comes to making player-choice actually meaningful.


  • Despite some truly bizarre storytelling and gameplay decisions, Destiny was a ton of fun, and I can pretty much guarantee I’ll be getting Destiny 2. Everything I’ve seen looks to be more of the first, but better. I did have a bit of a laugh at the words “In our darkest hour our strength will be forged.” that flashed across the screen during the trailer — feels a bit like a fantasy mad lib. Great news: Destiny 2 is set to launch early, on September 6th.


  • Oh, hey, my favourite superhero Spiderman has a new video game coming to PS4 in 2018. And it’s Miles Morales. Cool! I’m hooked already. Web slinging will be zen-like; forget that Assassin’s Creed-style parkour. I am concerned by how much of the gameplay shown had the player just responding to prompts of “Press X, now Press O, now Press…” But there does appear to be a lot of delightful environment-based fighting.


  • Shigeru Miyamoto is a higher being, and the more we see him the better we all are. Thank you for this gift.


  • The Mario/Rabbids crossover looks to be a turn-based strategy game in which proper movement is the key to victory. It strikes me as a more handheld-looking game than console, which I think will be an interesting balancing act the Switch will have to play.

One thought on “Monday’s E3 Ramblings

  1. I’m excited for Shadow of the Colossus remake. I had it for ps2 but my controller was buggy and even the first boss was impossible. We’ll see if it was just me or the controller.

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