All Hail the New RLCS Champions


There are two winners to come out of the third installment of the RLCS: Northern Gaming and Psyonix.

Northern Gaming took the hard road, coming in at the number four seed in Europe, and making their way back from the loser’s bracket to claim the victory over Mock-It (for those unfamiliar, the RLCS is a double-humiliation format: you need to lose twice. Since Mock-It made it to the finals undefeated, Northern Gaming had to beat them twice to win the title).

NG is swimming in talent. “Are we not men? We are Deevo!” showed great control throughout the day. In an earlier series, he made a flip-pass in front of an opponent’s net that just floored me. Remkoe was of course solid, as was Turbopolsa. As a team, they have relentless offense. They support each other’s shots particularly well, and win a lot of rebounds. Mock-It was arguably a better defensive team, especially Fairy Peak!, but there was too much pressure.

(((Here’s a clip of Deevo’s amazing, how-did-he-do-it pass)))

Mock-It’s loss must’ve stung a bit for Miztik, who joined them after being booted from Northern Gaming.

That makes three different winners in three seasons of Rocket League, and it’s 2-1 for the EU over NA. NRG, the last NA team, placed third. They fell to Mock-It in the upper-bracket semis, then lost to Northern Gaming in the lower finals. Last season’s champs, Flipsid3 Tactics, were ousted by The Leftovers in the lower quarters. Dynasties are fun, but Rocket League is still fairly young as an esport, and it’s nice to see there’s enough talent to go around.

Speaking of which, Rocket League is turning two, and Psyonix is celebrating with a huge anniversary update. Season 5 is coming, and so are a bunch of new car customizations. There’s also going to be an in-game radio station, which, yes! I love the soundtrack to this game. The new, free content drops July 5th. Am I wrong in thinking this has been a short season?

I was admittedly worried after the last RLCS grand finals. Viewership was down compared to the first, and I thought maybe it wasn’t going to catch on as much as I’d hoped and anticipated. But today, there were more than 180,000 people watching on Twitch at some points — it may have been higher; I wasn’t always paying attention. The first RLCS topped out somewhere around 80,000, I believe. (It should be noted that this was the first time Oceanic teams were involved.)

Huzzah! — Hey, maybe that can be a new quick chat option.

Actually, since I’ve got your attention, Psyonix (right?): can you fix that bug that happens when you get invited to a party and you accept the invite before the game’s fully loaded and then there’s an error joining the party and you have to restart the game? That’s totally a thing. It’s been there for a long time. But yo, I love you! Your game’s the best.


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