Go Nidhogg Wild at E3

Hey, are you going to E3? Take me with you! No; if you are, I have advice.

I recommend checking out the Indie MEGABOOTH in Devolver Digital’s Indie Picnic event. There will be 19 indie titles showcased (six in the public access area and 14 by-appointment-only), but the one that I really think you should take a look at is Nidhogg 2.

Nidhogg, the first, is crowd-drawingly delightful — it’s true, I’ve seen it! It’s one of the games featured on the Winnitron (which is an indie game arcade machine), and it’s a fan-favourite when I see it at events. It tends to bring out a lot of laughing and button-mashing.

It’s super simple: Players are placed on either side of a 2D platformer map. Each has to run to the other side before the other. There are weapons. The winner gets eaten by a worm. Any questions?

Nidhogg 2 looks like a much prettier, more robust, and goofier version of the original. It’s releasing this year and it’s without a doubt going to be a ton of fun, especially with friends. If you’re heading to E3, check it out!

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