Nintendo and Rockstar Explode the World

News of an upcoming console/handheld hybrid from Nintendo and the teaser trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 just dropped on the same day and the hive mind of the gaming world has been blown.

Let me thank Nintendo and Rockstar for holding off on these until after my birthday; we don’t all need to compete for press.

The first Red Dead Redemption grabbed me the moment I saw it. The horse riding alone was enough for me to buy the game. I knew I’d never grow tired of it. …I was wrong. I played very little of the game, quickly getting bored with its go-here-chase-this style. I’m frankly skeptical about the sequel, but I’m also intrigued. There’s no arguing it looks gorgeous, and that shot in the trailer of the bandits riding into the distance has me all kinds of interested in the game’s multiplayer.

Considering Red Dead Redemption the first took place during the decline of the frontier era, in 1911, I’m wondering when and where we’ll be this time around.

As for the Switch: hpff.. guh. Wha? Zuh! Holy mackerel exciting! It’s a console you can take on the go — a handheld you can use on a big TV — and it’s going to sell like hardware hotcakes. After the Wii U flop it looks like Nintendo is poised to make a big impact with this one.

The most obvious complaint are the tiny nun-chuck controllers. I’m not a big fan of the regular nun-chucks, and these look ripe for thumb-slippin’. But there’s a normal controller, too, that looks great, and COME ON IT CAN SHAPESHIFT!

Let me know in the comments, does the Switch interest you? How about Red Dead? What do you think was the bigger reveal?

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