The Bells of Awakening Toll Again During Worldwide Dark Souls Restart

Time is loose in the realm of Lordran; it shifts and folds– worlds upon worlds. Champions of different eras, all seeking to link the fire, phase in and out of each other’s existence.

There are those for whom Lordran is but a memory. There are those for whom it is nothing at all. For time moves forward, even as it overlaps. But something is wrong, and champions of the third age are being called back to relink the fires of old. Or perhaps there is need for a new Dark Lord. It falls on us to maintain the past, though we have seen the future.

Uh, that is to say: the first annual Return to Lordran event began this past week. On Tuesday, Dark Souls fanatics around the world rerolled characters and started anew. It’s inspired by a similar event held for Demons’ Souls.

My friend and I, who are indeed Dark Souls fanatics, had been considering restarting anyways because the DLC for Dark Souls 3 is coming out this month, and we wanted a lore refresher. It’s a series that rewards those who pay attention.

Dreading hooking up the ol’ PS3, I started a day late. I haven’t touched it since buying the PS4 and it took some getting used to. The controllers feel so toy-boxy and small. And yet, at the time, I thought they were perfect. I think I’ve said “this is the ultimate controller, you can’t beat it” for every generation of the PlayStation (shout out to Gravis GamePads, who I think did it first).

It’s been a bit slow going, so far. Bosses aren’t so hard, but I’m getting lost and dying to mobs a lot. This time I’m planning on being a magic user. It’s really hard limiting the number of levels I put into strength because I really like being able to use every weapon.

My character, Drew the Thief standing with Solaire. Praise the sun!

My character, Drew the Thief, standing with Solaire. Praise the sun!

It’s interesting comparing DS3 to Dark Souls: the first one is way clunkier; you can’t fast climb ladders for one thing. Rolling isn’t as polished, and can’t be relied on as heavily. And frustratingly, after being killed as a phantom you aren’t placed right back where you were in your own world, you’re back at a bonfire. Weapons are more limited in how they attack, although you get way more swings per stamina bar. The map weaves in on itself far more in 1 compared to 3, giving you more choice in what path you take.

It’s great to see other people playing. I’ve engaged in jolly cooperation, and I’ve been invaded. We’ll see how far I can get before Dark Souls 3‘s first DLC comes out, on October 25th.

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