Psyonix Giveth, and Giveth Some More!

One day Psyonix is going to come knocking at my door asking for a favour. And with all they’ve done for me, for free, how can I refuse?

For example, Rocket League‘s got a new map: the AquaDome. I played a bit last night hoping to give it a try but it never came up in rotation. With my friend telling me several times “it’s beautiful” and “so beautiful it’s actually kind of a distraction,” I made an exhibition match to check it out. It was indeed pretty.


So far I’ve seen a manta ray, a big shark, and some schools of fish. Like the train in Urban Central, it’ll be fun seeing what all’s going on in the background.

Speaking of which: While looking up which map it was that has the train I found this gem on YouTube. That’s a video from user Frautcres revealing sound clips hidden away in Urban Central. As Frautcres writes in the video, the clips give some insight into Rocket League‘s lore.

My friends and I have long debated whether the cars in Rocket League are sentient, or remote controlled, or driven all regular-like. I’ve always leaned towards sentient. The sound bytes in Urban Central don’t offer a definitive answer. “The owner of the red zippy… please report to customer service.” clip seems to suggest there are drivers, but my friend argues owner =/= driver and that it could be directed to an egg-person master. I’d also argue the “Please be courteous, save front parking for classic models, and cars with mechanical difficulties.” line is directed at the cars. I guess I’m stuck waiting for Telltale’s Rocket League Story Mode.

AquaDome is just one part of the latest in a long list of free updates Psyonix has given Rocket-Leaguers. Along with it comes a third Champions Crate that will randomly drop after online matches. map changes, a number of new garage items, new achievements, and bug fixes.

Cosmic and Octagon have been added to the Rocket Labs playlist, and both have been updated as well. Cosmic has bigger goals, the ceiling is lower, and the walls have been changed. Octagon’s corners have been smoothed to make it easier to push the ball around.

Really, you can read all this on the official patch notes blog post, but while we’re here: the Road Hog and Hotshot cars have been given a makeover, the spikes power-up in Rumble has been nerfed, and a couple new cars have been released as for-purchase-DLC as well.

Rocket League remains my favourite game in years– possibly ever–, and if that attitude was ever waning the recent updates have hooked me again. Rumble is wacky relaxing fun, I’m loving them crates, and the latest theme song– Drunk Girl’s Don’t Stop the Party featuring Deanna– fits right in with an already divine soundtrack.

Despite my deep love for the game, here are a few ideas I’d love to see in future updates:

  • Remove or move the scoreboard, or make it more transparent. It’s in the way of the ball sometimes.
  • My girlfriend’s AquaDome map, in which you actually play inside an aquarium full of water. As you drive up the walls/perform aerials, you go in and out of the water, changing the physics.
  • Quick chat preset: Calm down.
  • 4v4 Rumble
  • An arena designer tool (and imagine being able to change the objective — racing!)

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