Make my game!

I’ve got a cool idea for a game. I must admit, it’s inspired by Monster Matchin’ (Episode 22).

Here it is: a half-tetris, half-bejeweled kinda game in which you have to match 3 or more things together. But in this one, instead of the big block of ‘things’ (shapes, zombies, whatever [in this case, HORNETS!]) just moving down, it also moves left and right. So you ‘lose health’ if the hornets reach the bottom of the screen, and the far left and far right of the screen.

See, the story will be that you are a bee. A soldier bee. ONE OF THE LAST SOLDIER BEES! And you are protecting what’s left of your hive from evil, invading hornets.

Bees communicate by dance (I once heard). So the hornets will start by just moving downwards. After a while a little bee will appear and it will dance in the direction the hornets are about to move. Then the player will have a brief period to match as many hornets as they can before the hornets start moving again, to give themselves a head start.

That’s all I’ve got so far. Someone make this game and then come talk about it on the podcast.

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